The Best Investment Apps

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The wild bull markets are over, and the market has begun to come crashing down. Intelligent investors are cashing out their profits and investing for a long-term future. But who wants to invest in something that can go bust? Since these innovative apps have been launched, there’s no need to fear, which has helped investors take control of their investments by discovering good investment opportunities before the rest of the crowd – without any risk! Here are some best investment apps explicitly designed for savvy investors who want a piece of the market success:

1. Robinhood App:

This app launched in February of 2015, and within a year, it had become the second most downloaded app on Google Play and the third highest-grossing by users. It is also available on iOS and allows users to buy and sell stocks both in-app and via push notifications, making investing simple and seamless.

2. Acorns:

Acorns allow users to make small deposits from their bank accounts and uses that money to build investment accounts. Acorns invest the spare change into stocks, bonds, ETFs, and options for users. Acorns also has a feature called Found Money which gives you cashback on debit and credit card purchases if you shop through their app — making it a great way to save on general purchases.

3. Robinhood Radar:

If you are looking to invest in growing companies and want to get ahead of the crowd, then Robinhood Radar is the investment app. The app allows investors to track more than 5,000 companies for free. It sends notifications about whether a stock is experiencing growth or decline to help users make better-investing decisions (before the rest of the market catches on).

4. Futuremoneytrends:

FutureMoneyTrends is an investment app that allows users to look at two separate futures charts, one for decades 10-30 years ahead and one for 30 years on. It also enables users to identify trends in different markets while tracking changes in currency and interest rates. This can aid in evaluating various investments according to long-term market trends and making better decisions about future investment options.

5. Bank Of America Merrill Edge:

The Bank of America (BofA) Merrill Edge investment app gives users expert advice for investing. It also offers access to experts for questions about stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds and specialist help for finding the best investment strategy for your goals and needs. The app allows you to work with mentors who can guide the form of videos, online chats, and email correspondence.

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